Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostela was built around its Cathedral during the middle ages when it was the main pilgrimage center in Europe. Those pilgrims were the first travelers who were following the milky way to where the tomb and relics of St James ( Santiago) were found.

We will invite you through our web to check which way you want to choose to arrive in Santiago de Compostela.

The first option is our  Hiking Camino de Santiago,  a Hiking in Spain tour,  where we will invite you to join one of our next departures. You will join a small group of people for about 2 weeks, where you will hike daily in the group on easy roads ( Level 2)   and you will combine this experience with lectures about the art and history, visiting monasteries and wine cellars or tasting homemade foods while listening to the legends of the Camino and today´s pilgrims stories.  We highly recommend this tour for you. Check it out!

The second option is one of our Spain by Train custom packages, Pilgrimage on Rails. This package will include the train tickets during this journey, our best selection of accommodations in the cities, guided walking tours and flexible departure dates.

Finally, we offer you three different ways to arrive on your own to Santiago.   & Day hiking program following any of the Caminos to Santiago.

One is the Ancient  Way to Santiago,  the other is the Portuguese Way and the last one, the most popular French Way to Santiago. We will provide you will the daily accommodation in a small inn and charming hotels,  daily luggage transfer between accommodations,  and our 24  travel assistance. Flexible departure days all year round.

Santiago de Compostela- 2021 Xacobeo Holy Year

A thousand years ago the people used to travel for two reasons, for wars or pilgrimage When the body of the apostle Santiago was discovered at the beginning of the 9th century in this remote of the then known world, no one could have imagined that the location of the discovery would become, along with Rome and Jerusalem, one of the most important pilgrim site in the Christian world.
The first travel guide book was Codex Calixtinus, written a thousand years back telling the stories and legends of the pilgrims, now its kept in the Santiago Cathedral Nowadays this route it is not only used for indulgence by pilgrims anymore, but the majority of pilgrims also make the Camino de Santiago, for Spiritual reasons, a promise or even for exercise.
2021 Santiago de Compostela celebrates its holy year and it will be busier than regular years but the millenary old roads that you will walk will make you feel the silence.

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Ways to Santiago de Compostela

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