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Premier full service Travel agency and DMC  for English Speaking Visitors to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Since 1995 , more than twenty  years of experience in creative customized tours for singles, couples, families and small and large groups. Whether your interest lies in  history, food, art or culture of the Iberian Peninsula, we will help you create the perfect itinerary to match your interests and and needs.

Let us create your perfect trip!


These unique encounters are designed for travelers who know that, it is the depth of the experience, not the number of things you see, that make a journey truly remarkable. We want to share these high reward, low stress, insider tours with you.

We have been in the tour business for over 20 years. These exceptional tours show you what we, as insiders and locals, want to see. Welcoming you the way we want to be welcomed. These tours give you an insight into our local tastes and traditions, in ways the normal schedule-packed tours cannot. You have time to truly savor your experience here, having fun, meeting local people, and getting a chance to smell the flowers along the way; instead of having to rush through each place on your way to the next.

We also take the time to get to know you, and your preferences, so we can help you select the best foods, drinks and destinations, based on your tastes.

We would enjoy being your friends in Spain who take you on an insider tour of our country. Please go through our suggested tour options on our website and choose any that are attractive to you. Contact us for more details regarding the itinerary. Because these are insider tours, there are many things we can share with you in person, but we do not share our favorite local places here, or they might get too crowded!

Each of these journeys will have a few departure dates throughout the year and are guided in English by Spaniards. Group sizes are limited to 25-30 passengers, depending on the itinerary. There are no age limits, all-trips are for open-minded, fun, travelers, who are young in spirit. Come alone, with your spouse, or with friends; you all are welcome.

The trips have a specific departure city. You can arrive on your own, or we can help make arrangements for you, including housing to relax in. We can also create an itinerary for your travel, before and/or after the tour.

(*) If any of our tours do not match with the time you have, but you want an insider visit with your partner, friends or family, we can help design a wonderful journey specifically for you.



Since 1995, we had been helping  many  independent travelers to custom their trips  across Spain, Portugal  or Morocco,  to whom we design  self driving  or private chauffeur journeys , and you will be always welcome to  contact us for any specifics or assistance for your trip, specially if you are looking  for  a custom   program through Portugal and Morocco.

However in this chapter of our web site, we  want to insist on what we consider the best way to combine cities in Spain. Under our Spain by Train section,  and under the Custom Train Packages we  want to present to independent travelers a great way to be on their own  but to have a minimum of services covered and those are the High Speed/ Tran Tickets between the cities you want to visit, a careful selection of  the best charming hotels available at the cities you visit and for the number of nights you desire that we will book for you,  and optional private guided tours and assistants or English speaking chauffeur services for side trips  on each of the cities you visit, to make you feel as in home.

We love trains and  this is the reason that we want to include here what we consider  among the best train experiences in the world.  Under the chapter of  Deluxe Rail Roads,  we will offer  several possibilities  to choose from.  The journeys are about a week and  those have  specific departure dates and you will be joining a small group.  You will find more specifics  in the Transcantabrico and  Al-Andalus  trains.

Hiking the Camino to Santiago , is still today and  since  over  1000 years,  one of the oldest pilgrimage routes in Europe together with Rome. After the discovery of the relics of St James ( Santiago) knights and pilgrims came from all over Europe  to Santiago searching for their indulgences. The Codex Calixtinus, consider the  first travelers guide book writen was written for those pilgrims about the  traditions, roads,  bridges to cross,  bandits… Each pilgrimage is different  and each pilgrim starts his own pilgrimage  once the leave their homes. Today all  along the  French Road, that  starts  from the Pyrenees border betweeen France and Spain and  ends in Santiago there are many  youth hostels for  today´s pilgrims. This route takes about 30 days and not many have that amount of time.

We will suggest in our pages  2-3 options  for today pilgrims that will include the following: confirmed accomodation  in nice inns/hotels/ hostals during your Camino pilgrimage, a  piece of lugagge transportation  along  your Camino every night between  your accomodations,  the  Compostela(  a certificated card that Pilgrims  have to stamp daily along their  road to Santiago in order to obtain at the end  of the  pilgrimage in Santiago, the  Pilgrims Certificate ( Compostela). Dont forget that you need to walk  for a minumum of 100 kilometers to Santiago de Compostela and   travel assitance alomg your  Camino…

We  understand that you are  an independent traveller, but you  might want to  join a group  for some time. If you wont  find  one  of Our Tours that could fit your interest or into your calendar, we will   also suggest the option to join a group  with guareantee departures and less number of days.  Under the  Motorcoach  section,  we  invite you to contact us if you wont find any of our  tours and packages that match your plans, travelling dates or budget. We have been working together with  other local companies on which we trust  and  have  over 100  different programs to offer you in one  click once we will hear  from you.

Please contact us any time  if you are interested to through  Spain, Portugal and Morocco.



I am flying over the Atlantic Ocean at 850 km / hour and at 11277 meters altitude on an American Airlines aircraft and got the WiFi access and remembered that our Ole Spain Tours web site is almost ready for a new time coming and that  even that we are still cooking it, I can post my first blog on the air. Just want to celebrate it. It has been a long time since we started our company, October 1995. A time that we communicated by fax and with no internet. A time when I started flying to the U.S to meet new clients and friends. Today I am on my way to Dallas and Austin to meet with my friend and co- founder of Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in Andalusia before going to San Antonio for a conference. In 1995 I was single and today over 22 years later I am married with Kitty, and had four wonderful kids with her. Our family business grew and our family too. Now that I am “ flying” in the sky I just want to thank God for this life and for continuing with our small company dedicated on showing the best of us and our country to visitors every year.

So, glad to post my first blog today in the right place. I promise that I will do my best to keep posting things related to travel, related to Spain and to our groups.

It took us 22 years + to decide to organice our own and favourite journeys across Spain and Portugal, and to offer them in internet to the travelers that are looking to join a group of people and to travel with no rush and learn about our country while exploring different areas of the Iberian peninsula.

Hope this new journeys will be of your interest , you will share with your friends and participate in any of  them

We would love seeing you here traveling with us !

Josu Camacho

Pueblos Blancos Music Festival 2019 Travel Services

Accommodations, Excursions, Tours & Custom Travel Dear Friends of Pueblos Blancos Music Festival This 2019, we will celebrate our forth festival in Pueblos Blancos and we at Ole Spain Tours / Perform in Spain feel proud for being there from the beginning.  Every year we have more bands participating but we also have more friends …


Dear Friends,
We appreciate your interest in our services.  It is very hard for us to detail clearly all the packages and custom programs we had been operating in Spain since  1995 for independent travelers and custom groups.
For this reason we are changing our web site to a new format and design, easier to search and find what you are looking for.

Just let us know what is your interest and specifics and in less than 48 hours we will get back with our best suggestions for your next visit to Spain.

You can also call us +34 – 91 551 52 94 anytime to our office in Madrid during the weekdays from :

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