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As far as the Natural World is concerned, many factors come together to make Spain an extraordinary country.

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A Bit of History…

Linked to Europe by the Pyrenees and to Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar, surrounded by two seas and an ocean with two unique archipelagos, one set in the Mediterranean and the other located western off the western coasts of Africa, Spain is a  natural mosaic unmatched by any other European country.

It was at the beginning of this century when our rulers realized the stagnation that the tourist model could have in Spain in few years and reactivated «the Man and the Biosphere» program that UNESCO had started in the late 1970s. From 1977 to 1999 Spain had declared 14 Biosphere Reserves.

Only twenty years have passed since Spain began to work on the fitting of nature in tourism proposals and today we are the first country in the world with the most Biosphere Reserves (52), ahead of the United States with 47 and China with 41.

We can say out loud that Spain is the world leader in nature tourism and offers 50% of all ecological tourism destinations in Europe.

The past twenty-five years we had tailoring educational tours and activities in the nature covering Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

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