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25 Years of Experience
Tailoring Travels in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

We are an official travel agency, licensed and registered in Madrid in October 1995. This  October 2020 we will celebrate our 25th anniversary.

We founded  Ole Spain Tours as a travel agency focus on opening  Spain for international travelers who were looking for something more personal than what the traditional companies were offering. We started working with our international partners in different countries with their travelers and tailor-made groups providing our knowledge and experience as insiders in Spain. We also included Portugal and Morocco as our neighbour countries which we love and know well. In those days we were pioneers of walking tours through Madrid, Barcelona and other cities in Spain.

Since then is what we had been doing until today, almost 25 years ago, that went so fast.

We met many friends on the road, we organized under Perform in Spain, concert tours and music festivals as the Pueblos Blancos Music Festival in Andalusia, where over 100 international musicians meet for a week in four villages in mountains of Andalusia to play rock, jazz and blues music, offering free concerts in four different towns at the same time for four days. This next 2021 will celebrate our fifth edition.

We are based in Spain and we do not provide international flights to Spain.  We only provide all the land services while in Spain and Portugal or Morocco you might need, from selected accommodations, personal and friendly staff and guides and 24-h travelling assistants through your travel.

In this post-COVID times we are living, safety will be first for travelers and we will do our best to keep visitors safe suggesting our best accommodations and suggesting routes and activities away from the crowds.

We very much hope that trust will win this battle against fear but it will take some time before this happens.

We are waiting for better news coming soon from the airlines and governments about the conditions for flying internationally to and from Spain for the next few months. But in the meantime, we do hope to hear from you!

When you will be ready to ready to start planning your vacations in Spain, we are ready!

Josu Camacho & Kitty de Castro


what you can find in this page

Our Group Travel section is focused for group leaders, travel planners or travel agents interested to start planning a custom group tour to Spain.

We know not everyone wants to rush from place to place; many travelers want time to breathe and experience these magical places in ways you cannot if you are in a rush. We match your custom itineraries to the pace you prefer, giving you time to see the sights and enjoy things like coffee, wine, and tapas breaks along the way. Enjoy the fiestas and, if you like, the occasional siesta too.

Our Travelers section is divided into different programs:

Journeys of a Lifetime,  are three different selected tours combining Spain, Portugal and Morocco for travelers interested to join a small size group.

Hiking in Spain, you will find two different hiking tours, one in Andalusia and other in North of Spain & Santiago de Compostela, that are also open for travelers interested to join a small size group.

Winter Escapades are tow different programs, one in Costa del Sol and one in Malaga and Cadiz, both are week programs and are open for travelers interested to join a  small size group but also have time to relax in southern Spain by the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Spain By Train is a section where you will find programs combining different cities by high-speed trains, using selected charming hotels and meeting our guides for personalized visits for couples, friends and families.

Spain by Car are selected driving routes to take for a week, where we will provide a selection of accommodations in rural areas, the rental cat and the trip planning in one hit!

Our team

We work with each group and individual according to their possibilities in relation to time available, budget and interests.

Josu Camacho


Kitty de Castro


Paula Camacho

Tour Leader
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