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We have several custom programs in hand as starters and share with small groups of friends, families or wine connoisseurs communities that will be interested to travel, taste and learn.

The cuisines and wines of Spain are as varied as its terrain and people. Basque cuisine, considered one of the best in the world, is complemented superbly by the excellent red wines from the nearby Rioja region.

The centrally located Castile region is renowned for its hearty stews and baby pig and lamb dishes, which are ideally combined with the outstanding wines produced in the Ribera del Duero region.

“The Mediterranean cuisine has reached justifiable fame for providing a balanced diet with exquisite flavours, and for its liberal use of olive oil, aptly called Spain´s liquid gold”.

(*) All our educational programs and tours in Portugal and Spain, the food and wines will be always around, as we always try to introduce to all members into this experiences and learn about the tapas, the Jamon or the wines and its wine regions, enjoying cooking lesson…

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