Journeys of a Lifetime

We will love to introduce to our best selection of tours we operate each season for small group travel. Our tours are limited and for a short number of participants each.

Each one will follow a different route and a particular theme, you will be touring through nature, small towns and old roads will learn about art and history combined with good stories and fun always around a table with local flavours, peoples and wines.

The North Of  Spain and Portugal, leaves  Barcelona behind and drive across the Pyrenees to the Basque Country and Rioja and continues through the ancient kingdoms of Asturias and Leon where your road meets the ancient French Way to Santiago de Compostela and Galicia. From there you will follow the  Portuguese coast, the Douro River, Porto and finish in Lisbon.

The Age of Discoveries is a journey from Lisbon to Madrid and it is focused on the Age of Discoveries,  a fascinating period that started before Columbus arrived in America and the circumnavigation of the world by Magellan and Elcano, the trading with the New World and its influences.

The Moorish Heritage program invites you to combine the Andalusian region in the south of Spain with  Morocco, two countries, two cultures, two worlds; Africa and Europe.

If you are interested in joining one of our adventure small groups, we will invite you to join our  Hiking in Andalusia, an incredible route that follows the main cities but also the main roads and natural parks in Andalusia and its White Villages Route, the Pueblos Blancos. The Hiking the Camino will introduce you to the ancient pilgrimage route, where you will walk each day through our selection of walks through the nature combined with visits to monasteries and medieval cities until you will reach the final destination in Santiago de Compostela where you will meet today´s pilgrims.

Last but not least, we invite to foodies and friends to join our gourmet small group tours, the Taste of Al Andalus program, a perfect combination of Moroccan and Andalusian tastes and flavours while you will visit the two worlds: north of Morocco and  Andalusia. The variety of its cuisine, people, landscapes and culture will be unique.

(*) These unique encounters are designed for travellers who know that it´s about the depth of the experience, the quality not the number of things you see, that make a journey truly remarkable.

We want to share these high rewards, low stress, insider tours with you.

These tours are small in size, typically about 15 to 20 participants – lucky globetrotters that have 13+ days to travel,  want to learn firsthand about Spanish culture and have fun!

These exceptional tours show you what we as insiders and locals, want to see.

Welcoming you the way we would like to be welcomed

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Our Journeys of a Lifetime

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