Spain 2022 – New Breezes Coming

Over two years ago  the whole world went into lockdowns due to COVID and one year ago  scientists developed the vaccines and people started planning again to travel, first domestic and after internationally. Past winter  a new version of  COVID much softer thanks to vaccines  spreaded again and when most of the countries were lifting up their restrictions and people started again travelling, we are  all again watching  the  war in Ukraine, praying that it will come to an end soon.

We  are currently operating several trips for families and  private tours again and last weekend we organized our first  corporate /incentive group who were visiting the Rioja wineries and the Basque Country and had a wonderful time.

During the past quiet two years without any operation, we were still  working from our desktops,  did  several  brainstorms with our staff and worked hard on our web site…  and many ideas were born to develop future trips for  the new times coming, thinking  more than ever  to offer empty spaces, natural reserves, hiking trails, slow pace travel and  small group tours through the many empty and beautiful corners that Spain  has to explore

We prepared with love our Journeys of a Lifetime section where you will find great routes, over two-week travel, for English speaking travellers through Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Slow pace journeys with time enough to breath, for enjoy meals, siestas and conversations and have fun. We do have a few departure dates, and all are for 2021.

We also thought on independent travellers than rather than joining a small group, they prefer to go their own way. For those, we will love to hear from you to present you a custom program (we had been 25 year- experience) or we can prepare a custom route to drive with your family through Spain and Portugal.

We also can present you a package similar to those you find in Spain by Train, packages that you can travel between cities in high-speed trains and enjoy our private guided walking tours and charming hotels. A training package just made for you!

We will love you to keep our information or share it with your friends if you will need our assistance and knowledge for any trip in the future to Spain.

our very best wishes, thinking than these confusing times will bring bright, kind and certainty very soon.

Mil Gracias ! . Josu Camacho

Photo of the Alpujarras white villages in Granada taken by JM Grimaldi

Josu Camacho
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