The Pyrenees & Basque Country

The Pyrenees & Basque Country

€850 per person

9 Days Self-Drive Program
From the Mediterranean to the Basque Country

Barcelona – The Pyrenees – Pamplona – Basque Country

This route is designed to break with traditional tours, to present a Spain that the majority of visitors do not know exists: a Spain of high mountains, snow-capped peaks, green meadows and gastronomy that is considered by many experts to be among the best and most varied of Europe.

The route follows the sun, east to west, setting out from Barcelona, after visiting its numerous and well-known gothic and modernist treasures, its museums and restaurants, for the  Pyrenees, stopping at some of its spectacular high mountain national parks, sanctuaries for many species of European flora and fauna, before descending to visit such cities as Jaca and Pamplona. Leaving to the north, you soon arrive at San Sebastian, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, famous for its culinary art. Now you are deep in the Basque territory, where we will suggest you several roads to drive and towns to visit along the Costa Vasca before  Bilbao with sufficient time to visit its new museum, the Guggenheim.

The initial price includes the rental car for 9 days and 8 nights accommodation.

If you are planning to drive through this area and you are interested in our preliminary program  and  quote, please contact us so we will provide you  shortly with a final itinerary  including our suggested ted accommodations, things to do, route, prices and  terms 

Best Time to  Visit:

From late March to early November every year. But the months of May, June, September and October will be our fav.

€ 850

(*) The prices are per person based on a double/twin room.
  • Our most popular itineraries for exploring the great cities of Spain connected by train.
  • Ideal for individuals, families and small groups
  • Flexibility in scheduling and budget
  • We can book all your transportation and accommodations
  • We can provide expert guides in each city you visit
  • We can adjust or expand tours to meet your needs
Important: You must book your own flights to and from Spain

We are experts at finding the perfect lodgings to meet your needs, from luxury hotels to stays in apartments, historic buildings, bed and breakfasts and ancient farmhouses. On our web site, we list some of our favourite places to stay. Prices vary according to season. Accommodation bookings are provided as part of our custom travel packages. We can also make a la carte reservations for multi-day stays.

Includes :

  • 9 days of car rental.
  • 8 nights of accommodation in charming hotels during the package.
  • Personal attention and information of what goes on each city (music, restaurants and local tapas bars and taverns).
  • 24 hours of assistance during your stay.
  • (*) Optional Private guided Tour with our Insider at an extra fee.

(*) Booking Conditions:

Please use our Custom Travel Form to share your travel needs with us. The more detail you provide, the closer we can come to creating the perfect trip. Once we receive your initial travel information we will respond to you within two working days with a suggested itinerary, tours and accommodations, along with a quote for the total cost. We'll continue to work with you as needed until you agree that you have the perfect trip. In most cases, at that time, we will ask for a 25% deposit by credit card or wire transfer and will begin making all reservations.

Full payment is due 15 days before your arrival, either by credit card or wire transfer.

(*) Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel at least 15 days before your scheduled arrival, we will refund 40% of the deposit. If you cancel less than 15 days before your scheduled arrival we cannot refund the deposit. If you have already paid in full, we will provide a refund minus the deposit.

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