Way of Santiago


When the body of the apostle Saint James (Santiago) was discovered at the beginning of the 9th century in this remote region of the then known world, no one could have imagined that the location of the discovery would become, along with Rome and Jerusalem, one of the most important pilgrim sites in the Christian world. When Jerusalem fell to the infidels, Santiago de Compostela took on more importance. The route that we propose is the so-called French Way that enters Spain across a pass in the Pyrenees at Roncesvalles. The entry could not be more spectacular, high peaks, green valleys, hidden Romanesque churches. Our pilgrimage will take us west across the northern part of the peninsula paralleling the Cantabrian Sea, a route that is a delight to the senses: the countryside, the people, the medieval villages and cities. It would be difficult not to forget the strong mystical nature of this trip as its history seems to be written on every rock, tree and crossroad and it is ease to image the supreme joy and reverence of those pilgrims, of today centuries past, who have trekked the length of the path and finally arrived at the massive doors of one of the most spectacular Romanesque cathedrals of the Christian world.   



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