The Mediterranean & Andalusia

Barcelona – Valencia – Córdoba – Granada – Seville -Málaga/Madrid


Although today, Spain has some of the most modern and rapid trains, at times during this trip you will not be able to shake the feeling that you have stepped back in time. Without leaving Eastern Europe, you will come to know cities that seem to have been taken out of the Tales of a thousand and One Nights.

In Córdoba, you will visit one of the largest and most ancient mosques, a true forest of exquisite columns and one of the highpoints of the architecture of the Moorish period of Spain. In Seville, you will be able to stroll narrow streets, clearly inherited from the Moorish period, and climb one of the loveliest minarets in existence. In Granada, you will walk through the sumptuous rooms of one of the most celebrated and best-conserved medieval Islamic palaces. And all this without leaving Spain, and only a few hours by train from Madrid, Spain´s active and modern capital.

Important notes : This train packages includes a minimum of nights from where you can start adding or not extra nights or services. All have in common the train tickets, a careful selection of charming hotels in the  historical centers  and   private guided tours in hands of our insider experts. You can depart  any day you want.  All the admissions to the main museums and monuments are  included as well.

Below  is an example of a train package starting  from the minimum of nights and the 2018 rates for this package per person

Price per person from  1.225 Euros

for 2 people travelling

Price per person from 995 Euros

for  4  people travelling

for a minimum of 4 Nights at:

Barcelona, Valencia (2), Córdoba, Granada (1), Seville (2), Malaga/Madrid

(*) As experts we recommend a minimum of 4 nights.

Please contact us for more detailed information and Reservations anytime