The Green Spain & Portugal


This route is designed to break with traditional tours, to present a Spain that the majority of people do not know exists. A Spain of high mountains, snow-capped peaks, green meadows and a gastronomy that is considered by many experts to be among the best and  most varied of Europe. From the  Mediterranean shores of  Barcelona to the Pyrenees where we will stroll the ancient roads of the milenary  Camino to Santiago,  from the vineyards of the Rioja to the  pintxos of the Basque Country and its  cuisine, from the  rock art painting caves to the Finis Terrae in Galicia before arriving to Portugal, the oldest country in Europe, where you will sip some of the  Douro river wines to the Tagus river estuary in Lisbon, consider one of the most fascinating cities in the world where we will finish this journey….

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