Spanish Mosaic


It won’t be easy to fully appreciate in only two week’s time all the beauty to be experienced in this route. How can one truly compare the cathedrals of Toledo and Seville, although both are jewels of the peninsula gothic style? How can one not feel truly humbled by the magnificence of the mosque in Cordoba, Human Heritage Site, and the mosque of the Alcazaba in Jerez de la Frontera? How can one avoid the temptation to compare the luxurious Palacios Nazaries of the Alhambra in Granada with the severity of the imposing monastery in Escorial, built to the wishes of Felipe II? How can one resist the enchantment of Arcos de la Frontera, with its whitewashed houses or Ronda, perched high on its cliffs? And what of the legacy of the Romans in Castile, such as the impressive aqueduct in Segovia, or the best conserved medieval wall in Europe in Avila, which conserves within numerous churches, palaces and the first gothic cathedral on the Iberian peninsula? And what of the gastronomic choices? Which is better, the castilan red wine or an andalusian sherry, exquisite castilian roasted lamb or andalusian fried fish? Castile and Andalusia, two different worlds, two intense weeks to savor the difference.



Together with international travel experts,  group leaders and tour operators  we had been  working with different types of groups  every time since 1995. We are always focus on the  individuality of each group as each tour is designed individually.

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(*) Olespaintours (  formerly Ole Spain Tours ) is a licensed receptive travel agent and DMC based in Madrid (Spain) that had been  working  on  custom group tours since 1995.


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