These unique encounters are designed for travelers who know that, it is the depth of the experience, not the number of things you see, that make a journey truly remarkable. We want to share these high reward, low stress, insider tours with you.

We have been in the tour business for over 20 years. These exceptional tours show you what we, as insiders and locals, want to see. Welcoming you the way we want to be welcomed. These tours give you an insight into our local tastes and traditions, in ways the normal schedule-packed tours cannot. You have time to truly savor your experience here, having fun, meeting local people, and getting a chance to smell the flowers along the way; instead of having to rush through each place on your way to the next.

We also take the time to get to know you, and your preferences, so we can help you select the best foods, drinks and destinations, based on your tastes.

We would enjoy being your friends in Spain who take you on an insider tour of our country. Please go through our suggested tour options on our website and choose any that are attractive to you. Contact us for more details regarding the itinerary. Because these are insider tours, there are many things we can share with you in person, but we do not share our favorite local places here, or they might get too crowded!

Each of these journeys will have a few departure dates throughout the year and are guided in English by Spaniards. Group sizes are limited to 25-30 passengers, depending on the itinerary. There are no age limits, all-trips are for open-minded, fun, travelers, who are young in spirit. Come alone, with your spouse, or with friends; you all are welcome.

The trips have a specific departure city. You can arrive on your own, or we can help make arrangements for you, including housing to relax in. We can also create an itinerary for your travel, before and/or after the tour.

(*) If any of our tours do not match with the time you have, but you want an insider visit with your partner, friends or family, we can help design a wonderful journey specifically for you.