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I know, who was going to tell us in October 1995 that we will be running this long? Who could imagine a year ago what was going to happen this year with the virus? Who could tell that the world was going to be on pause for this long?  The past months were months of “ups and downs” probably as a consequence of watching too much news and read too many chats.

The summer arrived in Spain and it was different than anyone before. The first thing we did was going south to Malaga.

Few days eating espetos de Sardinas (grilled sardines) and swimming in the beaches of Málaga city,  tasting the best ice creams and cañas at sunset in one of the chiringuitos of west Malaga, was a joy, simple life!!

We returned back to Madrid from Malaga ready for the uncertain next school year and to get back to work after this pause. Listening to teachers, school boards, and parents about the new times for kids was great. The school year presentation was the first online experience for me and  I could say it was the best of all I went before !.

Spain did well this summer but the second wave is hitting again. This time is not as strong as spring, but there are still many positives daily. Madrid as it’s the capital and the Spanish crossroads is suffering stronger.

However, we will celebrate our 25 years as a travel company/tour operator this October, and we had been thinking to share some stories of the past and blogs about Spain and the things we had been doing during those years. But also to keep active information about what is going on in Spain about entertainment, travel, food or art as we love to be always updated.

We will invite you to discover anytime this new web site that we recently launched and also to follow our blog and news.

With hope than the science will find soon a solution, when the trust will beat fear, we will all travel again.

Josu Camacho

Josu Camacho
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