Moorish Legacy


Morocco Asilah

After our arrival in the heart of Andalusia, our visit to its principal cities with the  colorful districts and its most emblematic building such as the Alhambra, Mosque and Giralda, we approach the Strait of Gibraltar. After a brief crossing, we step onto African soil in Morocco, one of the most exotic and  oriental of Europe’s neighbors.

This country, backwards and strategically placed, was conquered by the same civilizations as the Iberian peninsula. The Roman Tangis, the ruins of Volubilis (among the best conserved in the world) provide testimony to its past. The arrival of the Arabs brought about the submission of the primitive Berber population and their integration into Islam, although even up to today many of their traditions and customs are still in evidence.

Although it continued to be a muslim country, it was during the time of the reconquest of the peninsula by the Christian, sanctuary of exiled Jews and Muslims whose ancestors had formed and developed the Andalusian culture.

The northern region, from Tangier to Casablanca, offers an Atlantic countryside with fishing villages, immense forest of eucalyptus and cedars until arrival in Rabat, capital of the country and official residence of King Mohamed VI. A walk down its streets full of cafes and into the Salé, old district that gave refuge to pirates,  a visit to the Royal Palace and the Hassan Tower, sister of the Giralda in Sevilla, is a perfect introduction to the pulse of the country.  A few miles away is Casablanca, famous for the film, and today one of the country’s most developed cities, with its wide avenues that were constructed during the French protectorate, and the frenetic activity of a major industrial city that retains little of the film’s  ambiance.

Marrakech, gave origin to the country’s  name and is the tourist capital of Morocco, as well as of the Berber region. The city combines the traditional and the modern in ways that will continually surprise the visitors. Walk through its souks, the old city beginning at the Djema el Fna square and end up at one of the most luxurious hotels of Africa with its swimming pools and golf courses. The oasis and palm trees that since childhood have been associated with the  romantic are across the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The Route of the Kasbahs which take you there through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the planet. Entire cities of red adobe, surrounded by thousand of palm trees, traditionally-robed inhabitants… we are entering dream territory here. Then miles of sand dunes before crossing the Atlas Mountains in the direction of Fez, the old Northern capital. The city, Arabic capital, has had a university for over one thousand years and the largest Medina in Africa.

All this, combined with its unique gastronomy,  shopping, famous bargain in the bazaars, «magic carpets», mint tea, Moroccan hospitality,  and the comfort of its hotels and tourist services, will make this trip one long to remember. Come and visit Morocco with us.



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