Just Fiestas


People who have always tempted death, not only  in their art of bull-fighting, but also throughout history, a people who preferred death to slavery at the hands of Cartagine, Roman, Arabic and French invasors, are logically a people who also know to live life to its fullest. For  spainyards the best way to confront the grind of daily life is the  fiesta. Fiesta in both capital and lower-case letters. From the lower-case fiestas of silent, religious processions in an intimate country village during  Easter Week, to the capital-case  FIESTA or carnival of such cities as Cadiz and Seville, the people of Spain have perfected the art of celebrating.


Together with international travel experts,  group leaders and tour operators  we had been  working with different types of groups  every time since 1995. We are always focus on the  individuality of each group as each tour is designed individually.

As professional organizers of  group tours, we expect you will like to read more about the ideas we can  work together with you for your future group travel to Spain, Portugal or Morocco and come to us with a list of specifications to be quoted.

(*) Olespaintours (  formerly Ole Spain Tours ) is a licensed receptive travel agent and DMC based in Madrid (Spain) that had been  working  on  custom group tours since 1995.

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