Madrid – Toledo – Avila – Salamanca – Segovia – Madrid


This semi-arid region of stark, harsh beauty has been witnessed to some of the greatest epics of history. Its cities and towns provide silent testimony to the splendor of its past.

Madrid, capital of Spain since 1561, offers a multitude of surprises to its visitors: hidden squares evoke its imperial past, baroque churches and palaces around.

Less than an hour away is Toledo, an evocative mirror reflecting the glory of a country through which have passed innumerable cultures and civilizations from all shores of the Mediterranean. The ruins of its theater, its small churches, two mosques, two synagogues, an impressive Gothic Cathedral… are only some of the legacy left by the Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Jews and Christians. In Avila, a little to the North of the capital, not far from the site of its solid Romanesque Cathedral, Santa Theresa, reformer and writer was born. Avila with its dozens of renaissance palaces and churches, defies time and seems content to be contained within its almost 2-mile long 11th century walls. Then to the Northwest is Salamanca which houses one of the three oldest universities in Europe, conserves an admirable architectural heritage and forms a group of exceptional coherence at the heart of the old city.

Finally, Segovia, a two-thousand-year aqueduct provides testimony to the dominant presence of Rome troops in this part of the peninsula.

In addition to this formidable engineering feat, Segovia possesses one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe and the last Gothic Cathedral built on the peninsula.

This Tour Package can be extended with the inclusion of other interesting cities such as Zamora, Leon or Burgos. Not as known as the previous cities mentioned before, but alike interesting.

Important notes : This train packages includes a minimum of nights from where you can start adding or not extra nights or services. All have in common the train tickets, a careful selection of charming hotels in the historical centers and private guided tours in hands of our insider experts. You can depart any day you want.  All the admissions to the main museums and monuments are included as well.

Below  is an example of a train package starting  from the minimum of nights and the  2018 rates for this package per person.

Price per person from 1.165 Euros 

for 2 people travelling

Price per person from 830 Euros 

for  4  people travelling

for  a minimum  of  5 Nights at:

Madrid (2), Toledo, Avila, Salamanca (2), Segovia (1), Madrid

(*) As experts we recommend a minimum of 5 nights.

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