During the early 80´s a group of friends were working together in Madrid as tour managers and staff in one of the most important tour operators at that time, specialized on taking every year over 50,000 youth people from Spain throughout the world, but mostly  across Europe and north  Africa. This  company, UNIJOVEN, which was a brand of Meliá, was the beginning of our adventure.
On 1995, some of us, decided to  » turn the omelette» as we say here and  instead of sending spainards abroad, we decided to bring visitors to Spain.
Looks like it was yesterday but not Strong  relations were born over the years, we met many friends while we  were  leading groups  in Spain , Portugal  or Morocco over the  years, we  found and explore new nitch and markets we never thought we were thanks to our love and passion for music as performinspain.  We were able to  learn about the rock, art, painting visiting  the Caves of Altamira, just before they were closed with friends of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles or to lead many groups along the Camino de Santiago. We  were the first pioneers  who  trusted on  different ways to explore the cities and  designed  the first walking tours in Spain, competing with  the regular coach operators. Times were  there  were  not internet,  just  a phone and a fax.
Other brand, holyplacesinspain was also created to work closely with pilgrimage groups through Spain and Portugal.  Thanks to it, we met many fantastic people in faith and we keep deep in our memories too many moments and life experiences too.
Times were there were no low cost  or free guided tours. Were there were not airbnb´s.
Today  we are in a new Era  without time to breath and notice all the changes. With the positivity of this new tool as internet that allows  us to reach the world and reach you, the traveller, much easier. But also we are scare sometimes of the too many pirates  that this new tools can bring. Some companies search for  similar names to  confuse the people, many of them are not licensed and they  want to confuse the people.  Few companies had grown and some are using the three words of our company name, just twisting the  order and  we have to wait long   to fight against  them, but we will.
However, we grew up and our families too around  Ole Spain Tours. New generations who were  born are now part of our youngest team as Paula Camacho, my daughter.
But, even that  we are getting older, our spirit and goal to  show the best of us and the best of our country is still the same and we do hope to have the opportunity to help you and organize the trip your are looking for.


Josu Camacho: After working for many years  at one of the most important Spanish tour operators, first as a guide, directing groups from various countries, and then as Sales Manager, creating new routes and destinations, Josu joined his present associates to create  Ole Spain Tours a Division of FIESTA TOURS S,L . His goal was to develop tours with a personal touch that would open up to visitors the Spain, Portugal and Morocco that he´d discovered during his years as a guide and itinerant admirer of those countries. He is a passionate follower of music (especially flamenco), local traditions, gastronomy, history, and at the moment, of creating personalized tours for visitors, a never-ending source of information and inspiration.  According to your tastes, preferences and pocketbook, he can design a trip that will go far beyond what you can imagine.
Kitty De Castro: Kitty came to Ole Spain Tours after nearly a decade of working in the world of tourism and is head of the Operations Department. In addition to controlling all the routes, her Department is responsible for all reservations that you may need, from hotels, city tours, visits to historical sites, transportation within Spain, Portugal and Morocco. Within hours of receiving a request, Kitty and her team will have a tentative itinerary and budget ready to be sent to you.
The Department of Tour Managers and Local Guides is our key people, is composed by many people that traveled for years with groups have across America, Europe and throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa. To say that have graduated in History is to say little, because they lives, breathe and eat the past, having given numerous conferences, on distinct historical themes, throughout Spain.  In addition to conferences, some of them are regular contributors to historical and literary magazines in our country and accompanies many of our Special Interest Groups where his expertise and great sense of humor have made them much beloveds by participants. The Guide Department of Ole Spain Tours is without any doubt an important factor in our success.