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Student in Spain
For over a decade we have worked with travel agents and tour leaders to organize custom tours for groups of five to five hundred. We create a unique tour for each group, and can arrange for performances or other special activities.We're there for you from the planning stages until your departure. We’ll meet your group at the airport or station, help you check in to your hotel, and give you an expert introduction to the places you visit, and if you'd like, provide an experienced tour escort. Let us know about your group’s needs, and we'll get back to you quickly with a detailed suggested itinerary, including accommodations, transportation and pricing.
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Student in Spain

Home to the second most widely spoken language in the world, and once the most powerful country in the world, Spain had its share of ups and downs throughout history leaving an everlasting influence across the globe. Even today, standing in the shadow of its former glory, Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists, students, historians and people of various professions and recreational interests. Perhaps the wealth that Spain once had in monetary goods transformed into the wealth of its culture; Spain has one of the most developed cultures with influences spreading to every corner of the globe. Architecture, clothing, music, dance and religion all have almost archetypal origins in Spain. The architectural wonders of Barcelona are hailed as the golden standard for all architecture works of its period or style. Flamenco music and its ramifications originated in Spain, spreading its influence wherever the Spanish language went. Today, Spain still carries a great amount of influence in Europe and the rest of the world. Its fashion, music, art and science are constantly evolving and helping redefine the standards of today. Madrid and Barcelona annually stand at the top of the list of most visited cities in Europe; its epic history, charismatic citizens and eye candy around every corner enchant the hearts of new visitors year after year. Spain has too many breathtaking sights to ignore, both natural and man-made. Barcelona’s Park Guel and La Sagrada Familia are breathtaking sites that are a must see for anyone coming to visit Spain. Madrid’s Plaza Mayor and Parque del Bueno Retiro are the capital’s most revered sights. Besides the historic eye-candy, Spain is a great place to meet new people and share a great social experience. Bars and nightclubs are the spotlights of Spain’s social scene. If you are looking to dance, most clubs are empty before midnight; people usually go to pubs first and then leave to the night clubs and often stay until 6-8am; when it comes to partying; Spanish students take their partying at least just as seriously as their studying.
Spanish weather is a big reason why so many students flock there every year. Weather is usually mild year around, however, summer can get really hot, and rain is not unusual. The majority of Spanish holidays and festivals are held during the spring and summer. Spain’s national day is October 12. If you are looking to experience Spanish culture in bloom, aim for your stay to be during spring or summer.

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Madrid : The capital of Spain, once the center of the Spanish Empire, Madrid artfully blends elegance and passion throughout the city. For you fine arts majors, Madrid has some of the world’s finest museums and architectures, such as the Golden Art Museum Triangle, Palacio Real (Royal Palace), and El Prado museum. However, the romantic essence of Madrid comes less from the physical monuments than from the culture and lifestyle of the people themselves. The attitude of Madrid’s residents never fails to radiate a lighthearted and amorous vibe. Madrid’s markets and plazas are always lively. The splendid Plaza Mayor, hosts bullfights, symphonies and tournaments and home to a statue of Felipe III. The Puerta Del Sol, the bustling “heart of Madrid, homes the famous statue of a bear climbing the madrono tree. After class, enjoy all that Madrid has to offer. Art, music and delicate cuisine is seen everywhere. Flamenco Shows and Concert Venues are extremely popular. Traditions such as bullfighting and soccer are well kept. Although Madrid may not stand out in the number and fame of its tourist sites, but never the less, its culture makes Madrid a truly romantic and fascinating city.

Salamanca : Considered the most popular city to study in all of Spain, Salamanca attracts thousands of international students to study abroad in Spain. Even though a majority of the city is structured around the University of Salamanca, Salmanca is considered one of the most culturally important cities in Spain. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. Salamanca owes its fame partly to its aesthetics; despite the modest size Salamanca’s unique charm is present in its every building and quiet street corner. At the center of the city lies the Plaza Mayor: a large central square with restaurants and shopping areas; Catedral Vieja and Catedral Nueva are some of the oldest and most aesthetically pleasing architectural sites in the city. The Roman Bridge over Tormes dates back to 89AD; it was an important part of the Roman silver route. Throughout centuries, Salamanca won a place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike, with its quiet charm and pleasant atmosphere. Being a college town, Salamanca is not short on the entertainment side. Local pubs and bars are almost never empty. Bars and nightclubs are the social scene of choice to most students in the University of Salamanca, however, there are a multitude of other events such as soccer games of the Salamanca Football Club, and various events held on campus of the university.

Sevilla : Lying on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the city of Sevilla is a picturesque and fun study abroad destination. Capital of Andalusia, Sevilla embodies the Andalusian culture. From the passionate flamenco to the fervent bullfighting, from its dynamic nightlife to its stimulating soccer games, Sevilla will loosen up its guests with its easy spirit. This carefree atmosphere is further reinforced by the fun-loving and welcoming local residence. Legend has it that Sevilla was found by Hercules. Fascinating mythologies and its importance in history cloaks the city in a romantic mist. Sevilla has some of the world’s finest architectures. Cathedral of Sevilla, the final resting place of Christopher Columbus’s remains, La Giralda, the symbol of Sevilla, and the Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija, the best paved house-palace in Europe are all great examples of Sevilla’s enchanting architectures and monuments. The delightful Jewish Quarter and Sevilla’s various museums are also great places to explore the city’s mesmerizing beauty. With a passionate Latin soul, Sevilla has a precious and delicate charm that flows through the city like a dulcet yet enlivening melody.

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