At Ole Spain Tours, we work with couples, families and groups of all sizes to create the perfect trip. We listen crefully to your need and interests to create the ideal itinerary. We offer many choises of transportation and lodging. Flexibility is our modus operandi!
Customized Travel
Our most popular itineraries for exploring the great cities of Spain, Portugal and Moroccom. We can arrange your trip.
Escorted Tours
Join a group to highlights of Spain and main cities. Luxury buses, experienced guides. In these pages you will find circuits of different days with dates guaranteed. The trips are in group and guides give information in one or more languages.
Cruise on rails
In a deluxe train that follows the old rail roads in Northern Spain, where you will sleep in a suite, enjoy the best northern and south Spain gastronomy and its restaurants, visits the main monuments, discover beauiful resort cities and its towns and beaches.
Sightseeing & One day tours
The Iberian Peninsula is rich cities full of history, culture and physical beauty. The best way to see these cities is with a knowledgeable guide. Ole Spain can help you put together a package of custom tours and tour extensions, with expert private Guides, Drivers ... Etc
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+ Motorcoach Services
Custom Group Tours
For over decade we has worked with travel agents and tour leaders to organize custom tours from groups of five to hundred. We create unique tours to each client and we can arrange any special activities.
Custom Group Tours
For over a decade we have worked with travel agents and tour leaders to organize custom tours for groups of five to five hundred. We create a unique tour for each group, and can arrange for performances or other special activities.We're there for you from the planning stages until your departure. We’ll meet your group at the airport or station, help you check in to your hotel, and give you an expert introduction to the places you visit, and if you'd like, provide an experienced tour escort. Let us know about your group’s needs, and we'll get back to you quickly with a detailed suggested itinerary, including accommodations, transportation and pricing.
Custom Group Tours / Educational / Art & Architecture / Art & Architecture
Art & Architecture

Iberian Routes:
Your clients can visit some of the most important archeological sites in Europe such as Atapuerca, cave painting in the north and south of Spain, Celtic and Iberian city ruins, and Roman military and civilian remains. Or they can discover the lesser-known civilizations like the Tartessos and their silver and bronze mining sites, wander the streets of medieval cities with their castles and fortresses built by and as a defense against the Arabs. Any lover of the past will not want to miss the numerous and important archeological Museums and Collections that are to be found in the major cities and throughout the country. Furthermore, we can arrange a visit to the ruins of Volubilis in North Africa, one of the extremes of the legendary columns of Hercules. Truly unusual and stimulating possibilities that will whet the appetite of any archeological buff.

In Columbu`s Footsteps: A tour that takes clients into the land of the ´Conquistadores´ and such cities as Trujillo, homeplace of Francisco de Pizarro, until arrival in Andalusia, the jumping off point for the Conquest of the Americas. We visit Seville, along whose Guadalquivir River innumerable ships departed for and arrived from the Colonies laden with the products and spoils of the new World. We will delve in detail into the legend of Columbus, his relations with Isabel and Fernando and how he got sponsorship at the entrance to Granada, how he was received after his first trip, the many monuments of the period, the departure port, the nazaries palaces, the places of provisions, some of the houses and palaces of the merchants of the period as well as numerous religious and civil monuments.

Hispania: The Iberian Peninsula of the Romans: For those clients who find the Roman Empire fascinating we present Hispania, a tour that will take them into the heart of the ancient and glorious days of that culture in the Iberian Peninsula. While somewhat afield from center of the Empire, the peninsula had great importance to the Romans. From it they extracted such vital minerals as iron, copper, silver and gold, grew cereals, olives and grapes, established many settlements that today are principal cities, developed important civil architectural works (e.g. the Aqueduct of Segovia), major commercial routes, and left the heritage of a culture, language and laws that is at the base of the modern Spanish state. Led by experts in the Roman legacy of the Iberian Peninsula, your clients will follow routes that will provide them with in-depth knowledge of the profound influence that is to be found across the length and breath of modern day Spain and Portugal.

Al-Andalus: Andalusia & Morocco: It is impossible to truly understand modern-day Spain without knowledge of the profound and extensive influence of the Arab culture. From the 8th century until the fall of Granada in the 15th century to the Christians, the Moors brought all the splendor and richness of their culture into that part of Spain now known as Andalusia, not only creating such marvelous cities as Cordoba and Granada but also influencing the everyday life of its inhabitants. There is a wealth of fascinating history and information to be gleaned following our guide´s carefully planned routes through Andalusia and Morocco, where such cities as Fez and Marrakech, such archeological sites as Volubilis, the towns of the Rif Valley, and picturesque fishing villages will enchant your clients. In addition, with a few extra days, it is possible to visit the extreme south to follow the Route of the Kasbahs, discover some of the most beautiful oasis in Africa, the adobe cities, and the dunes of the Sahara.

Twentieth Century Art: Picasso, Dalí, Miró. Any recompilation of the most important figures of twentieth century art must have these three artists included. Your clients will have the opportunity to see many of their most important works first-hand. Picasso´s Gernica at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Picasso and Miró Museums in Barcelona, Dali´s Museum in Figueras. And much, much more on a tour that will take your clients to Spain´s principal cities with the distinctive plastic arts (painting, sculpture and architecture) of the twentieth century as the focal point.
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Ole Spain Tours,
Want to offer you a great variety of hotels. We are constantly exploring all the hidden corners of our country to be sure we can offer you the accommodations you are looking for at the best rates.
Art & Architecture
The Primitive artists of Altamira (the Sixtine Chapel of Cave Paintings), Velázquez, Murillo, Goya, Picasso, Dali, Miro, Gaudi.. !
There can be no doubt that Spain has produced great artists, but there is much more than individual genius to be discovered. The architectonic legacy left by innumerable, unnamed artists and artisans, are to be found around every corner throughout the country, while the collections of antique and contemporary art and architectonic jewels. There are museums well worthy of Spain`s individual artistic geniuses. Madrid offers the renowned Prado, the Thysse, the Reina Sofia Modern Art Museum with the Gernika, as well as the Archeological and Sorolla House/Museums and the Royal Tapestry Facotory. Barcelona has acquired resounding international acclaim for the works of Gaudi and other modernist architectonic gems such as Music Palace. The Gothic Quarter with its interesting museums such as the Picasso, the Thyssen, the Miro on Montjuic as well as the Textile, Contemporary Art and Naval Museum are well worthy of close attention. Bilbao is justly proud of its Guggenheim Museum and the firt-rate exhibitions that  are continually on display there, as well as its Bellas Artes Museum. In addition, such cities such as Alcala de Henares, Avila, Caceres, Cordoba, Cuenca, Merida, Salamanca, Segovia, Santiago de Compostela, Toledo ... All which have been named by UNESCO Human Patrimony Sites, display an artistic richness in their museums, monuments and architecture that is difficult to equal.