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Sightseeing & One day tours / Custom Services / Around Down Town / Malaga
Walking Tour of Old Malaga

The Tour Includes:
- English speaking local guide
- Walking Tour through the historical heard of Malaga
- Taxes
We will to start a tour of Málaga at the earliest historical monument in the city – the Roman Theatre. It was built in the first century AD. But significant parts of the Roman arena were used in the dramatic building that sits directly above it - the Alcazaba, the greatest remaining monument of Muslim Málaga. You can walk up to the former palace or take a lift and there you will discover elegant patios and fine carved arches, as well as great views over the city. For those with lots of time on their hands, a climb further up the hill, following the defensive walls, leads you to the Gibralfaro, a largely ruined castle with even better vistas of Malaga and its stunning position between mountains and sea.Just a short walk from the Alcazaba is the greatest of Málaga’s Christian buildings, the Cathedral. The present building has led a tortuous life. An early incarnation was abandoned and from this survives a wonderfully ornate Gothic doorway, now part of the Sagrario church on Calle Santa María, next to the Cathedral proper. The dramatic difference in the style of this door and the Cathedral, which was begun in 1526, reflects the huge shifts in culture in the early sixteenth century, as the Renaissance took hold in Spain. A short walk from the Cathedral brings us to the Palacio de Buenavista, a Renaissance Palace that now houses the undoubted jewel in Málaga’s cultural crown - the Picasso Museum. The twentieth century’s most celebrated artist was born in Málaga and lived here for the first ten years of his life. Around the corner is the church where the artist was baptised, the oldest in the city - the Santiago. Look out for its lovely doorway and tower, both in the Mudejar style – Muslim craft in a Christian context.Nearby is the Plaza de la Merced, the square most beloved of the people of Malaga. It was here that Picasso was born in 1881, and you can visit the Casa Natal, a small museum on the site of his birthplace, on the corner of a long and stylish nineteenth-century terrace. From the Plaza de la Merced, walk back into Calle Granada, passing numerous distinguished eighteenth-, nineteenth- and twentieth-century buildings on the way to the city’s more official ain square, the Plaza de la Constitucíon.  Turning west of the square takes you to the authentic old town of the city, with several churches hidden in its narrow, bustling streets : Los Martíres, Saint Paola and Saint Ciriaco, The church of San Juan .. etc. Another highlight is the nearby Atarazanas Market whose entrance, dating back to the fourteenth-century, was the gateway to the busy Muslim shipyard. A little way from the market is the Alameda Principal, Málaga’s eighteenth- and nineteenth-century promenade, on which you will find Casa La Guardia, the city’s oldest bodega, where you can enjoy the authentic sweet wine of the city, in an atmosphere that one imagines has changed very little since it opened back in 1840.

Tapas Walking Tour

The Tour Includes:
- English speaking local guide
- Tapas
- Taxes

During the last few years Costa del Sol has undergone a true revolution in catering that has converted it into a top gastronomic destination. In the traditional cuisine, the "pescaíto frito" (little fried fish) plays an important role and no one can leave the city without having tasted it, as it is just too tempting: just the aroma that emanates from the bars and restaurants that prepare this dish will make your mouth water.  During our Tapas tour we will also practice what is known as "tapeo," a clever formula that allows you to taste just about everything, and not out of gluttony but out of culinary curiosity. Variety, they say, is the spice of life, so ask away - that´s what the "tapeo" are there for. When you ask for " …one of…" it is almost invariably followed by "…and another of…" You will practice your Spanish in our excursion! In addition to taste the cuisine of this city, we stroll through the historic center of the city and your guide, through his explanations, you will want go into the customs and history of this beautiful Mediterranean city.

Personalized Tour & Principal Museums

The Tour Includes:
- English speaking local guide
- Entrances of two museums
- Taxes

This personalized tour includes the visit to two of the main museums in Malaga  during half day, with a professional license guide. You may choose between the Cathedral, Picasso Museum, Alcazaba  among others. On Mondays the main museums are closed.

Exclusive Shopping Tour 

The Tour Includes:
- English speaking local guide
- Visit to the principal and most exclusive shopping district of Malaga
- Taxes

This is a personalized tour in which you will be in hands of one of our guides, who, after meeting with you will understand and know your preferences, and will take you to the right place. We know what difficult can be to have very few leisure time in one big city to go shopping, and specially if you are looking for something that can not be found in a big department store, something very personal and unique. We can not promise 100% a successful purchase, but we really know the city and what the city can offer. It is important that you know that we do not offer any special deals and of course, we do not get any type of commissions.

Costa del Sol: Panoramic Tour 

The Tour Includes:
- English speaking Driver with private car (local Guide optional)
- Visit to the city`s principal zones and tourist attractions
- Taxes

Leaving from our hotel in Costa Torremolinos where we will go to, first, cross the zone Playamar cradle of tourism costasoleño of the 60s and then cross the Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo, with all its hotels and apartments and its famous beaches and beach bars. Here is a magnificent monument to Pablo Ruiz Picasso ( "Ladies running on the beach").Since the end of this walk will go up to the center of Torremolinos, through his famous Costa del Sol plaza, there will close its main street, called S. Michael, the patron of this place, and we will share a part of the Avenida Palma de Mallorca, one of the longest in Europe, whose side are the famous hotels of this town.This avenue is so long that takes us to one of the important areas of the municipality adjacent the Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena, and then go to the town of Benalmadena, where we leave our coach and make a pedestrian mall for its narrow streets whitewashed and white as a typical Andalusian village: Constitution Square, Royal Street ... leading to the Plaza of Spain, the heart of the municipality in which the source is the central symbol of Benalmadena, a girl offering water to the bronze visitor with a shell in his hands.Here is some free time so we can enjoy this beautiful town Costasoleño.Subsequently, from the town of Benalmádena, we go to the area of Benalmadena-Costa, crossing its main avenue where you can enjoy magnificent views of its famous beaches of Santa Ana and its promenade, then finish in a of the most beautiful marinas in the Mediterranean: Puerto Marina, where we move the architecture to a magical place, building on islands around which the boats are moored and connected to mainland by bridges that make this the most unique set spectacular in the area.Here and after a short walk through the facilities will take a little time off before returning to our hotel.
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About Malaga
Malaga is the capital city of the Costa del Sol and its international airport provides the gateway to all of the other Andalusian towns. Malaga airport is one of the largest in Spain and in a typical year can welcome up to 10 million visitors. Malaga also serves as a major port and an industrial centre for Southern Spain. Entrance to and exit from Malaga is made easy by the N340 highway and the coastal rail service. There is a wonderful Three Kings Festival in Malaga each year at the beginning of January, so if you're visiting during this time don't forget to take the kids along.Malaga is a city steeped in more than 3,000 years of history. Excavations have discovered evidence of the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Moors. As a result, there is a large selection of historical monuments in this city. Malaga’s cathedral is known as La Manquita, meaning “the little one armed lady”. Due to the length of time, which it took to build the cathedral, it denotes Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-classical styles.Close to Malaga cathedral is the Alcazaba, which is a fifteenth century Moorish fort and is one of the most important in the area. The roof of the Alcazabar offers panoramic views of Malaga city and the port. Further on from the Alcazabar is Malaga’s Castle, which stands on Monte de Gibralfaro. At the foot of the hill, Malaga’s ayuntamiento (town hall) is located, next to the city’s museum in the Palacio de la Aduana. In fact, Malaga has so much to offer as a result of its history, that the best way to see it is by open top bus and there are many in the city.Malaga is also well worth a visit during one of its many festivals. The Fiestas here are numerous and each one is celebrated with the vigour that is synonymous with Andalucia. The main Fiesta is the Feria, which takes place in the middle of August.

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There are certain trips that should only be taken by train. When there is no hurry and relaxation and enjoyment of the passing landscape without the worry of traffic are a priority, the rhyme aboard a train seems to invite us to break with life's routine. Through the window, we watch the world pass by as if on a screen as our senses flower and the imagination to take flight. Even on the modern trains of today's Spain, there is, undoubtedly, something truly romantic and nostalgic about this means of transport. Just sit back and take a much-needed reprieve from the rush and material demands of daily life.

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